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  • Gold Brick Wall


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    This is a modern brick wall themed paper in a rich lustrous gold and particularly suitable for rooms that want to create an illusion of brilliance. This design can be scaled to fit a range of wall sizes and is ideal for a range of applications that want to add a feature wall with an engaging pattern.

    This design is available on a range of paper media types, although we recommend selecting a semi-permanent adhesive paper so that it can be removed more easily, should you want to change themes in the future. A matt paper is also recommended as it doesn't reflect light as much as a gloss paper - meaning that the design is more effective from any angle in a room with lighting - particularly directional spotlights.

    Please select our default Paste Wallpaper from the options below for home interior wallpaper projects.


    Select Vinyl Media Type



    Add the number of Square Meters required for your wall space e.g. a wall 6m x 2.47m (14.82m²) requires 15 units.


    Please Note: The minimum spend on this item for Free Delivery is £100.

    Paper/Media Specifications:

    • Feel-IT M1 Matt - Wallpaper, 180gsm paper for paste. Fire rated M1
    • M114R Adhesive Gloss - Removable 4 year durability, 100µm thickness.
    • M116R Adhesive Matt - Removable 4 year durability, 100µm thickness.
    • M112HTS Adhesive Gloss - Permanent 4 year durability, 100µm thickness. Developed to apply to polypropylene/Polyethylene/ABS.
    • NM116HT Adhesive Matt - Permanent 4 year durability, 100µm thickness. Application direct to Plasterboard/Lacquered Walls.
    • S838HT Adhesive Gloss - Permanent 4 year durability, 50µm thickness. Developed to apply to brick walls, stone, concrete & painted walls.

    All the above Media types have a Fire Rating of B-S1, D0 / DIN EN 13501-1 and are suitable for Indoor or Outdoor applications. Feel-IT Wallpaper is M1 Fire Rated and is suitable for indoor applications only. This is our default paper we supply to consumers unless otherwise indicated.

    How to work out your wall area: Simply use a calculator and multiply your wall width by the wall height. For example a wall 6m wide x 2.47m high would equal 14.82m². Simply round up to 15 units in the Units Box above. We will request your measurements on the Checkout form to avoid mistakes.

    Full instructions will be provided with your order. To achieve optimum results it is recommended you use a plumb line or laser capable of indicating true straight lines on your wall, to guide you in the placement of the sections of wall covering.

    Other than that you will need a wallpaper paste table, a good quality paper paste, a pasting brush, soft cloth and a sharp box-cutter type of blade to trim the excess covering from your wall. For specialist latex vinyl, we recommend additional tools which include, a squeegee, heat gun, sharp box-cutter blade, semi-hard roller and a soft cloth. For applications to brick walls you will also need a heat gun roller - please contact us if you require this latex vinyl type so we can provide advice.

    We will be adding video resources to this content area in the near future for our customers to assist in the hanging and trimming process.

    Did you know ..... we can install your feature wall if required. We can provide this service on a national basis - but obviously this would increase the costs to cover our time and expenses incurred. Please ask for further information.

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